Wednesday, 9 July 2008

News from the Languedoc

The holiday season is in full flight here in the Languedoc.

The South of France is sizzling nicely thank you very much. Sunflowers burst forth splattering the horizons with their vivid colour. I love sunflowers, how can you tire of such happy looking plants ? Sprayers are humming up and down the ripening vines whilst the buzz of harvesters drone amongst a cloud of thick dry dust from the wheat.

The Tour de France winds it's way through the country being beautifully captured on Google. Wonderfully clever for those of us who seem to spend their day's in front of a computer screen. Cycling mania hits us and guests bring their own bikes from the other side of the World and enjoy the uncrowded stretches of roads lined with Plane Trees shading them as they whizz along.

And me ? what am I up to ?

Well since keeping my money corner clear and pristine the interest in Le Chateau for sale and letting has gone through the roof. Coincidence,? marketing and sales skills ?

Who knows ?

But I'll let you into a little secret if you promise not to tell a soul.

It's so still, it's so hot, the sky is a piercing blue, the sunbeds are laid out beautifully round the clear pool and the umbrella is blowing oh so gently in the warm breeze and the guests are out.

Now if you were in my shoes what would you do ?


Ellie said...

Oh bliss - sun - I've forgotten what that looks like. In your shoes .... well, it's more like in wellies over here in sunny Devon!!

Preseli Mags said...

.. I would fling myself into that pool!

I can never tire of sunflowers either, such happy blooms. It sounds absolutely gorgeous.

What a lovely blog to read on such a dismal day here in Wales. xxPM

mountainear said...

Dreadful day in our part of Wales too - would only have to step out of the door to get soaked to the skin.

Your sun-soaked chateau sounds idyllic - wish I was there right now.

Elizabethd said...

I can hear splashing it isnt the Breton rain either!
Hope the immobilier agents get their act together for you.

Frances said...

What a beautiful vista in that photo, Sally. It really does announce that summer has arrived!

While you get to see miles of blooming sunflowers, here their poor cousins arrive at corner markets, looking a bit leafy and droopy, wrapped in cellophane, with their stems sitting in buckets of water.

Still, these flowers also announce summer to us in the city, arriving just after the peonie season.

Enjoy splashing in that pool!


ChrisH said...

I agree with Mags - it's DIABOLICAL here! Okay, okay, you've convinced me - now where do I find my money corner?

Grouse said...

Hopr there was chilled champagne waitig after you succombed,

Wicked, wicked girl......

lampworkbeader said...

If only I'd had the wit to tell The keen mountaain biker that your chateau was near the route for Le Tour, he'd have been down there like a shot...with me in tow of course.

BoobooStrider Pika said...

Thanks for visiting Boink!

Get boinked in your city! Send your photos holding a piece of paper that says 'I've been Boinked in France' and send it to

annakarenin said...

Oh if only.

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

Gawd Sally I don't know. What would you like to do.

CAMILLA said...

Bonjour Sally,

Thunder storms here today, so I'll swop the weather where you are Sally any time.

Dip in that wonderful pool, relaxing on sun lounger sipping champagne and a good book, ah, one can but dream.

My daughter adores the Sunflowers.


Run Your Car On Water said...

Oh the view is awesome !I wish I would have been there.