Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Late August in Southern France

I never did manage to escape, well not truly apart from the odd night out over at friends. Gently meandering back one late balmy evening this week the air wafting over us like silk we spied a bright green tree frog clinging to the windscreen. 'Stop the car' I shouted. With one nimble hop he flew through the window slap bang onto His Lordship's head. 'Stop the car' I screamed. There we were halted in our tracks, the inky night wrapped around us, two supposedly grown up human beings and a small harmless frog hijacking the interior and impeding our progress. His Lordship and I faced each other whilst owls hooted their derision overhead.

This week has been one long bout of sunshine so far, the words heatwave and scorcher spring to mind. Skimpy clothing and flip flops are the order of the day, sunscreen applied frequently, sunglasses sought and sunhats essential. Yesterday peddling slowly to the Boulangerie I felt a sudden rush of happiness hit me like a bolt of lightening. Sometimes that feeling is hard to define but it was the clear crystal air of late summer that works its magic like the bubbles of champagne, the flawless blue sky interspersed with a few wispy white clouds and the knowledge that Summer is not yet ready to surrender to Autumn.

Tonight we have a dinner party in the garden. Small glass yoghurt pots are sitting in anticipation of the twinkling night lights that will mirror the millions of stars overhead, deeper fatter candles in Bonne Maman jars will flicker on window sills. We have a very strict rota when it comes to entertaining. I do table decoration, starters and desserts, His Lordship presides over the main course. I serve, clear and stack the dishwasher whilst he basks in the glow of praise. Seems to work well.

I've learnt through experience that if I want my own way I simply do it and sit back quietly. Like my latest trick turning my desk around so I have the panoramic view laid out before me and my eye's can flick up and take in the stunning scenery before they turn back to the screen. 'You won't concentrate and work properly' His Lordship grumbled.

A statement that I might casually challenge him about later as I press the button on the dishwasher very late this evening.


toady said...

Oooh you seem to have some new friends who like the lottery.
Lovely blog. Deeply envious of
1. Sunshine
2. Finding a frog.
3. Having owls.

Love the colour of that green door. What's behind it?

snailbeachshepherdess said...

well did they win it or wot? The lottery people.

Not jealous in the slightest, just sitting here in winter jim jams thinking about lighting the woodburner....go on Sally you enjoy it ...our turn WILL come!

Sally's Chateau said...

No Toady, not new friends just blog spamming robots ....... ZZZZZZZZ. Not sure what's behind the green door it's just a lovely corner of French Shabby Chic in the village.

Fire Byrd said...

Those moments of unadulterated joy and happieness are just so special aren't they. You captured the essence wonderfully for me.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

You make it sound divine. What's Brittany like at the mo? Quimper to be more precise?

CJ xx

Cait O'Connor said...

Lovely post, just what I need to read on this cool, grey and drizzly day here in Wales. I am so envious of your sunshine and all. I will dream of your evening meal by candlelight.
Lovely plants too.

lampworkbeader said...

If you mention sunshine once more young lady I think I'll....I'll... just have to come over for a visit.
Gloomy here all day.Damnit!

Sally's Chateau said...

Not sure what the weather is doing up in Brittany Crystal but I hope it's lovely for your holiday. And today here ? I daren't say :)