Holiday in France

It's always very rewarding when clients write and tell me what a lovely holiday they have had at Le Chateau. This year we seem to have attracted quite a few artists and last week Hilary and her family came to stay. They had the most marvellous weather, hardly a breath of wind and hitting the 30's everyday. Hilary does abstract photography based on the works of Cubist Piet Mondrain with some surrealist Salvador Dali thrown in. Along with her letter she sent me a sample of her work knowing I have a soft spot for sunflowers. I tried to elicit from her exactly how she did it but as I'm reminded on a daily basis that I know nothing of the wizard ways of computers I'll just stick to happily snapping away.

La Rentrée today. Heavens I would be telling porky pies if I didn't sometimes wonder why on earth they have such long holidays. The Small Cross One and 2b got their mugshots in some glossy magazine extolling the virtues of 'the life you've always dreamed of' but no-one wanted my views, can't imagine why. It's terribly quiet and I always endeavour to greet them with a delicious home baked Victoria Sponge Cake or offerings of chocolate Rice Krispies but they've got cute as the years roll by and the act of love is greeted with some suspicion.

The grape harvesters are rumbling in the background picking the chardonnay, another sure sign of Autumn creeping upon us and suddenly the frantic holiday season is drawing to a close. It only seemed like yesterday when I was checking the calendar on a daily basis and e mails flew back and forth as people prepared for their annual holiday. Now that the mad season is over we finally got around to dropping in on some friends. It is the time when we all come out of the woodwork and friendships are renewed, stories of the summer are exchanged and snippets of our lives emerge. The friends have the most marvellous couple of parrots, they have a Great Dane and an assortment of smaller dogs too but it is the parrots that hold the most fascination for me. 'I rather fancy getting a parrot' I said casually to His Lordship (you somehow knew that was coming didn't you ?) 'You've got one already' he retorted dryly. 'I have to repeat myself on a daily basis in a parrot like fashion and you ruffle my feathers constantly'.

I feel a batch of chocolate Krispies for my little darlings coming on.


ChrisH said…
Sounds as if His Lordship might need a few bits clipped!

(Alas we are only Channel-hopping and barely into France so I don't suppose we will see much of a change in the weather... but we can hope!)
Cait O'Connor said…
Better keep that parrot in his cage Sally!
Pat Posner said…
Your friends sound great, Sally.
I know what you mean about parrots; long time ago, when I was a little girl, the shop we went to for our Saturday sweets had a parrot. I used to give the shopkeeper my penny and then the parrot would pick up four fruit salad chews for by one. He never got the wrong number as far as I remember.
Of course, I always called that shop 'The Parrot Shop'.
Fennie said…
I suspect you will have to take the initiative on the parrot front, but it would go well with the sunflowers and if you could teach it to talk you could have it convey helpful messages to your guests. Like 'Dont Forget Your Keys' or perhaps more to the point - 'Don't forget Madame's pourboire!'
My SIL breeds parrots! Stick with HL - far less mess even if he does get a bit chirpy!
lampworkbeader said…
The pet shop in the next village to ours has a parrot in a very small cage. Everytime I go in there to buy wild bird food, I feel so tempted to open that little door...
Though I guess it doesn't do to let parrots have too much freedom.
Judy said…
You have a great blog and I will be back to visit again soon. This was my first visit of many. Thanks for visiting me and leaving such sweet comments.
Frances said…
I do like that sunflower picture!

Best wishes to you as the season begins its change. Chardonnay grapes ... just the notion makes me a bit thirsty.

Get the parrot! Or should I say get the other parrot. Could be fun playing with language in yet another way.

Pondside said…
Good heavens, Sally - you really don't want a parrot. They live forever. You'd have to make arrangements for it in your will!
It sounds as though things are moving along in a quiet, autumn way in the south of France - loved the thoughts of the sounds of the grape harvest.
Grouse said…
I used to breed parrots: they are devious, over-sensitive, require a huge investment of time and patience and are totally egocentric.

Rather like some husbands I know.........though not THE husband, of course, Darling.
Exmoorjane said…
Get the parrot, get the parrot! You can leave it to me in your will!!! Parrots are so raffish....
thanks for popping by my blog.....I love the way you write.....

Gill in Canada
Pipany said…
Love the idea of the parrot helping you out with guests Sally. Great image! xx
Sarah Peyton said…
Hi Sally
just had to say what a brilliant picture! Some people have such talents while I muddle along in vain! Oh well, I shall keep trying!
Enjoy the it getting nippy in the evenings yet?
Just rented a villa on the Amalfi Coast for a month this past summer. I am now house swapping with two families in Rome and Praiano, Italy. Ah, but France I have not been to yet. I have put you on my Favorite Blogs to keep your number handy. Stop by and write me sometime when you have a moment.
Rita @

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