Christmas shopping weekend

I've never been lost for words but I have to admit to having been suffering from writers block of late. I've been looking constantly out of the window for inspiration, heaven knows if inspiration is what you seek then this surely must be the place, but then again if you are easily distracted and have no discipline whatsoever then this is also the place to be.

We've just hosted an extended family weekend, a gathering of loved ones bought together from various parts of England. Ryanair announces today that next year prices will drop even further, quite how this can be when the flights are so ridiculously cheap is beyond me but the happy group this weekend were not complaining as they sought out the markets for wonderful saucisson, cheeses and perused antique linens and objets d'art for unusual Christmas presents. Afterwards a game of Scrabble in front of the wonderful woodburning Godin stove whilst a very wicked Rice Pudding made with condensed milk simmered gently in the Aga made the pre-Christmas shopping weekend a pleasure.

Where was I ? oh yes writers block. A couple of on-line sites had been in touch suggesting I might like to write a little something, A day in the Life of running a self catering Chateau, How not to go to pieces and retain your sanity whilst renovating a Chateau, fairly basic easy stuff normally. I swivel the chair round slightly, and there it is again, an unmissable blend of colours in the early morning light, a slight hazy mist in the valleys highlighting the brightness of Bugarach towering over the enigmatic village of Rennes le Chateau, a touch of snow on the mountains beyond, a ball of bright orange fire rising slowly from the other side of the world. (click onto picture to see how I become utterly and hopelessly distracted)

I can't wait for the first Photographic holiday in France to commence, maybe we could host a writers workshop too at a later date, imagine that, both my passions honed and polished and artistic leanings channelled into something productive.

Oh, I forgot I'm hosting them aren't I ?

I'm going to close the shutters.


Faith said…
Do the articles Sally - a piece of cake for you I'm sure. Adore rice pudding, but with condensed milk? seems odd. Glad your weekend went well.
Crystal Jigsaw said…
The photography holidays sound like a great idea, it always looks such a beauty spot where you are so it should generate lots of interest.

CJ xx
ChrisH said…
There's always something to make me feel a bit discontented with my lot on your blog and today it's rice pudding made with condensed milk... where's mine????
Sally's Chateau said…
Rice Pudding with condensed milk is for people with a seriously sweet tooth, make as usual but add a good dollop of condensed milk, seriously naughty but nice.
Cait O'Connor said…
I adore rice pud but I have never tried it with condensed milk.
Good luck with the articles.
david mcmahon said…
There's only one cure for writer's block - keep writing.
Pipany said…
Oh, rice pudding is just bliss as is that view. sigh... xx
LittleBrownDog said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous picture, Sally. If that's what I'm going to learn how to do, I'm booking in for one of your photographic holidays in France toute de suite!


(Mmmm, rice pud? Girl after my own stomach.)
elizabethm said…
Gorgeous picture and sounds like your weekend went well. all looking pretty lovely down there!

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