Saturday, 27 December 2008

Foccacia Bread and Snow

Serves me right for constantly gloating and tormenting you with luscious descriptions of glorious weather and lazy moments basking on my terrace. I've got my comeuppance now, look at the view. What view ? When I awoke in the first split second I thought I saw smoke out of the corner of my eye and had a momentary panic that the house was on fire. I let out my breath slowly and realised I was doing a very realistic impersonation of a kettle on the boil. 'Bloomin' cold in here' I grumbled. 'A healthy bedroom is a cold bedroom' booms His Lordship, he peers at my miserable face just visible beneath the most expensive and expansive duvet that money would allow. 'Are you riddled with cold or lain low with wretched flu' ? 'No I agree and leg it as fast as possible to the bathroom where the warmth of the heated towel rail wraps its welcoming arms around me.

Meanwhile a white world is unfolding before our very eye's as a blizzard swirls and dances its way downwards before settling calmly on the ground. For the umpteenth time I wonder out loud who on earth would borrow my lovely black thermal vest but as usual no-one is prepared to admit their guilt. I've got my suspicions but I daresay it would be impolite to air them in public.

We stride out into the village but no-one seems to share our enthusiasm as we huddle around the mobile butchers van for a bit of Toulouse sausage and keep our distance from the coughing and spluttering pervading the air. 'Good Health and Happiness' our neighbours wish us before retreating behind thick scarves and trundling back home.

His Lordship is at it again with his fancy bread making as is his want whilst I'm behind a camera lens and looking out of the window as is my want. 'Foccacia Bread today' he says. 'Mind you we'll need fresh rosemary out of the garden' and he looks at me whilst continuing to knead the dough. 'Very relaxing this, you should try it, go on'

I punch the round pliable soft pile with a pleasing thwack and feel the elasticity of it beneath my knuckles.

I then gather my snow boots and make my way through the blizzard to locate the fresh rosemary covered in a most delightful lightweight soft white blanket.


ChrisH said...

Well it makes a change for me to be looking at brilliant sunshine when you are blanketed in snow!

Pondside said...

Bread and a snowstorm - a wonderful combination, although I daresay that the snow will last about as long as the last crumb of delicious bread!

lampworkbeader said...

Somehow I didn't realise it would snow where you live. What a surprise. Dare I say we've had wonderful sunshine all day?

Frances said...

Rosemary under snow. This is something I never would have thought possible.

While you have your snow, we have strangely warm temperatures, and a heavy mist that thickened into a really foggy night.

Bet that beautiful atmospheric stuff just turns into suggy rain tomorrow!

You bought your sausages from your mobile butcher, and I bought mine from my wonderful if perhaps too bustling market. Used my Italian sausages to make a very rich pasta sauce, and lots of it too. I won't need to worry about coming home from work to find nothing to fix for supper for quite a few days.

Best wishes for a beautiful new year.


KittyB said...

Gourgeous snow pic - it must be even more a surprise than when it settles here, we're always shocked.
I have borrowed a lovely bread making book and DVD from a friend, am dying to find some fresh yeast and give it a go. Nothing like fresh sourdough bread. Sounds like a New Year project to me!

Pipany said...

Well, at least it looks very pretty Sally. Sunny here yesterday but cold and grey today. xx

CAMILLA said...

Hello Sally,

Pretty snowy picture, and what better than eating that delicious fresh bread.

Stay warm Sally, and may I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year.


Fennie said...

Well, you are fortunate, Sally. White dust here is more valuable, or at least rarer than the golden sort.
It is just cold and damp; the dead grass and garden weather I remember from childhood. But I do love your so evocative descriptions

blogthatmama said...

I'm still jealous Sally, a most picturesque White Christmas!