Thursday, 12 March 2009

Wish you were here

No I really really do wish you were here, truly and honestly for it is a crime to have such a slice of heaven all to myself. Makes me wonder sometimes what I have done to deserve it. As the orb of the deep blood red sun rose and filtered through the shutters I knew that today I was going to be lucky. I padded in PJ's round the pool at 7am large mug of tea in hand and surveyed the riot of flowers springing forth. The hyacinths in bloom, the buds of the lilac fat and sticky, the rose promising its best show yet.

But lately I have been distracted by other matters and although I have often visited this space the words simply froze on the keyboard and I have left feeling restless. One of my nearest and dearest was taken ill and so I flew back to Great Britain. I purposely write Great Britain because despite the trend to moan, complain and constantly run the place down when the NHS puts its mind to it in the case of an emergency then it is great. It's a humbling and sobering experience to visit a stroke ward and see the patience and care the nurses administer often under trying circumstances. It also makes you focus rather sharply on your own life, the people that surround you, your aims and what is really important to you. I have come to the conclusion not to tolerate rude people any longer, I shall simply ignore them.

But I digress as a way of explanation for my absence. I've just drawn back the pool cover and wondered fleetingly at the pleasure (or not) that could be obtained by a quick dip with the aid of a wetsuit and to dry out in the sun on a steamer.

My eyes wander over to the fat lazy cat lying curled up without a care in the world by the old wooden bench. Sadly my eye's spy the ever increasing greenery of weeds peeking through.

I'm going to simply ignore those too and enjoy my life today.

Wish you were here. xx


Elizabethd said...

Agree with you, Sally, re Britain. Too many English are unforgiving about their native country. There is so much good to be found there, and despite the general state of the Health service we have found emergency services to be wonderful.

Lindsay said...

Interesting your comment about rude people. I have a 90 year old father who has been constantly rude, mainly to my mother when she was alive and now me. I plucked up courage a few months ago and told him I would not be visiting him and would have a "telephone holiday" from him for two weeks and hoped his attitude would improve. It seems to have worked and he now knows I will not tolerate any more abuse.

Frances said...

Welcome back, Sally.

Your early morning walk round the pool and recent helping visit to GB surely have resulted in many wise thoughts.

As always, best wishes.

Pondside said...

Welcome back, Sally.
Lovely to think of that warm sun and to see that satisfied cat basking in it!

pinkfairygran said...

Thank you for inviting us into your world for a brief visit... love, love the cat.. does he/she have a name?
I actually think I am lucky to live where I do, I love this country of ours, love where I live even more, both old house and villages around here, countryside and shores, woods and open spaces with huge skies, all around me, within easy reach. Everything I could want in the village itself, no need, no interest, in going anywhere else. A real home bod.
I also know how wonderful the NHS can be, sadly also know of how bad it can be at times, but perfection isn't easily come by. Don't I know it....!!
I think I'll just get a book, sit by your pool, and watch you have that dip....

Pipany said...

Oh Sally, I hope your poor friend recovers. Thank you for praising Britain too. There is much wrong with it but I still love it here and think the same could be said of most places. Mind you, what I wouldn't give for a bit of your world right now! xx

Woozle1967 said...

Thank you, Sally! So glad that you can enjoy your wonderful life in your fantastic surroundings but not beat up poor GB. So many people enjoy moaning about the UK and I am here jumping up and down, waving my flag with love.

The NHS has kept me going for the last 19 years, with faultless care. So, okay, the weather's not too brill - but, hey, I don't do too hot anyway. And I certainly don't do Australia sized bugs!! So here's to good old Blighty and all those who love her.xx

Suffolkmum said...

Hope you have good news about your friend Sally. I'm so glad they're getting the best of the NHS - ans like you say, when it's good, it's very good! Let's leave it there ...! I love this country too, so much is still wonderful, but I'm not at all surprised you love France too. How lovely to know the lilac's about to appear. Enjoy your time by the pool!

Maddie Grigg said...

Best wishes to your nearest and dearest. There is a very good advert running on British TV at the moment, about spotting the signs of stroke and acting FAST. It's compulsive viewing and, I hope, will repeated frequently.
Sounds lovely over there. Bloody cold here. But then you know that, if you've just come back.


Sally, on the subject of rudeness, join the club.Having been unable to cope with 2 rude inlaws for years, I have finally arrived. I will not tolerate it from anyone, and have developed the art of handling it with charm and firmness. While being Irish, I am a Francophile and Tigger's family were French. I also love the English countryside, and have lived and worked in London and Bristol. My job entailed working all over England which I loved.I am suffering from Wanderlust since I came back from Australia, but need to settle down and concentrate on the forthcoming B&B season, which I think will suffer a bit this year. Have visions of visiting your beautiful Chateau in the future. Illness does put everything into perspective, and make us cherish the simple joys of life.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah, I wish I were there as well. Especially as it is cold and rainy here today.

I so agree with your feelings about British health care. Health care in the states is wonderful, but far, far too many cannot afford it. At all. That's such a crime.

CAMILLA said...

Hello Sally,!

I was so sorry to hear of your friend taken ill, praying that he makes a good recovery.

Sounds absolutely fab where you live Sally, enjoy the day by the pool in that beautiful part of the world I so crave for.

Love Camilla.xx