Monday, 20 April 2009


I suppose it's time I 'fessed up', that's admitted to, come clean, set the record straight, 'Hello my name is Sally and I'm a CHOCOholic'.

I can't help it but the intake has been frightening over the last couple of weeks. I'm sorry I haven't had time to blog I've been nibbling on Easter bunnies, crunching on eggs, sucking slowly on rich divine luxurious chocolate, dipping languidly into sumptuously adorned boxes, hiding my very last Cadbury's cream egg for that ultra special moment. And you all thought I was just a lovely straightforward, honest, uncomplicated human being breathing deeply on the southern warm air floating in straight from the shores of the Mediterranean didn't you ? Fancy me hiding my last egg. Oh well appearances can be deeply deceptive as we all know.

Whilst I'm munching away I'm biding my time very carefully because I detect a change in the air and Sallys Chateau may well set her course for a new adventure. Savouring that last mini egg for example really sharpened and heightened my ideas for a new project.

Meanwhile however I am lucky enough to meet the most wonderful folks and were it not for being fortunate enough to land on Le Chateau for a short while I would not have had the privilege of crossing paths with them. Take my guests this week for example (and here I am breaking the golden rule of gossiping) the most gorgeous girlie's from Texas breezed in for Easter.

They say that people that have passed through and events that have taken place give a place it's 'feel' and I would wholeheartedly agree. Le Chateau just oozes 'it' and my lovely guests added another delicious layer to its character.

Catch it whilst it lasts I say.


ChrisH said...

Very, 'Chocolat' and very intriquing. What winds of change are blowing through the chateau, Sally?

ChrisH said...

So mystified I've also lost the knack of spelling. Doh!

bodran... said...

You Guzzleguts !! I would never ever do that.0x

Frances said...

Sally, your homage to chocolate has inspired me to get some fresh supplies into the apartment. I haven't yet quite gotten back into full choc appreciation after Lent.

Like Chris, I am very curious about your hints of breezes at the chateau.


Pondside said...

The first step in kicking an addiction is naming it - good for you Sally! I don't for a minute, however, believe that you are ready to give up your chocolate addiction.
Winds of change.....hmmmmmmm

Faith said...

Change can be good, chocolate is always good!

Exmoorjane said...

You naughty creature - and yes, I imagined that you lived on pure sweet air! Now I would never let a chocolate pass my siree. (ho ho ho).
Change is usually exciting - can't wait to find out what that wind is up to (oops, sounds like too many artichokes). jx