Thursday, 9 July 2009

Carcassonne Festival

It's on with the espadrilles and pinny for the main holiday season here in the Languedoc. As from the 4th July the French were on their vacances and as if by magic everything sprang to life. The Carcassonne Festival has kicked off, Status Quo already having rocked all over the World, fresh as daisies after a wonderful stint at Glastonbury.

We also have numerous commemerations in the region for the 800th anniversary of the crusade against the Cathars, concerts, som et lumiére, castles, abbeys, Medieval sites. It's a pity for the region that not everyone has realised the importance of maintaining the cultural heritage the area has to offer but then this is an old bone I like to chew on from time to time and believe you me it's best left in the corner.

Copious amounts of socialising have already taken place with friends. It's always a joy to sit on another lovely terrace in the dwindling twilight or relax in the peaceful coolness of someone elses kitchen whilst they slave away and I slurp and natter. Our cute kittens, one pure black and a white tabby enchanted a house party one weekend, as we drifted off from an immensly enjoyable evening they were indulging in tit bits of poached salmon, no doubt looking forward to a life of Riley. Well its only befitting as they started off life at Le Chateau !!

Blogging away has put me in touch with some interesting new friends too. Kittyb came to stay and wrote a flattering account of her holiday which was a huge success by all accounts, follow her blog for mouthwatering pics.

But I've been naughty again haven't I ? neglecting my blogspot and gallivanting off, dipping in the sea on the Dorset coast, popping in for coffee at Mat Follis's new restaurant the Wild Garlic, the fairy cake was so divine it floated, over for a chin wag with Claire at Greendrawers, buying a citron tart from Lynne at Le Vieux Four, a leisurely moment with Lu at The Apple Tree and all manner of lovely folks in which to pass the time of day in the pretty town of Beaminster.

Which of course prompted me into another wee project. All in good time as they say !!

Meanwhile there's Vide Greniers to attend, fete's, soirees, pools to be kept sparkling clean, plants to water, cats to stroke, weeds to pull, never ending laundry, Saturday changeovers, and of course life to deal with.

Which about sums it all up at present. xx


Frances said...

Sally, those dotty espadrilles in that sliver of light ... capture summertime, as do all your marvelous words.

Once again, I suspect just how much goes on behind the scenes at the chateau to bring visitors their slice of paradise.

It's wonderful to have a hint that you might just be having some slivers of holiday yourself.

Salmon for the kittens, ooh la la!


Pipany said...

Oh come one sally; what's the new project? Dangle something interesting and then walk away...grumble, grumble. x

Pondside said...

Come on - out with it - spill the beans......what's the new project? Sure to be something exotic and glamorous!

Fennie said...

Hallo Sally, - haven't been to your blog for yonks I'm afraid. Guess I'm too tempted by the Chateau and fear that if I stay too long I shall book up. Gosh but it sounds wonderful. One day perhaps.

Carcassonne is one of my favourite places in France. Sadly a little way from the Mill which is north of Rodez.

Marguerite said...

Just discovered your blog and think it's fabulous! Le Chateau and the surrounding area are beautiful and I love the sunflowers. Charming post!

Anonymous said...