Reflections from Carcassonne

There's lots of activities to tempt all ages and tastes during the summer months in France.  Here in Carcassonne for example we've had the spectacular firework display which takes place every year on July 14th setting La Cité ablaze.  I've been to new restaurants with old friends who came to visit and dipped into some of the wonderful music concerts during the Festival de Carcassonne, the full moon over the open air Théâtre Jean Deschamps for Simple Minds won't be forgotten in a hurry but it hasn't been all fun and frolics at No.11 lately.

His Lordship too has given cause for concern lately.  He shocked us all by being rushed into hospital the other week, his condition not helped by overwork by all accounts and being told to 'take it easy' And how pray is one supposed to do that when like so many others in this day and age are trying to keep body and soul together ?  As always I owe thanks to my immediate family that have been a tower of strength and shown their usual love and concern for him.

How is it I often wonder that one is surrounded by selfless and selfish people in equal measures ? there are those I know that float through life seemingly in cloud cuckoo land, completely and utterly blissfully unaware of anything deeper and more urgent than their own immediate comforts and needs and then in complete contrast the wonderful souls that seem to appear from no-where and shine like angels in comparison.

Usually the ones that owe you nothing and expect nothing in return.


muddyboots said…
XX 4 His Lordship, the joys of being your own boss? Just think though, how fit you now are without having to resort to tummy tucks or starvation diets thanks to your wonderfully grand Renaissance stone staircase and those flight from the north of england c/o ryanair....... keep smiling we are being plagued by clouds of green fly & thunder bugs.
Fred said…
As a friend has only just said to me, when I told her we were hoping to open in August, having missed the Easter and May deadlines, 'Er, which August?'

Wish I were nearer, if only to share gin, building horror stories and moral support.

Recovery wishes to HL and as Muddy says, Keep smiling. The bloody thumder flies have got this far north too.
Take care of yourself.
elsy said…
concentrate on the angels, the rest arent worth the wishes to 'HL'
Keep smiling flower - you'll get there!
Pondside said…
Darling, you ARE there - in such a heavenly place with the people that mean the most to you, and a gorgeous place to hang your hat. So what if the hat stand isn't quite in place yet. It will be, in good time. You are quite amazing in what you take on, create, make wonderful - and you make it look easy when we all know it is a lot of blood, sweat and tears (but always in nice shoes and with good hair!)
Welcome to the Expat world, so to speak. It isn't easy but the rewards are forthcoming. Focus on the beauty in your life.
Sallys Chateau said…
Thank you to everyone for the good wishes for His Lordship

For anyone new to this blogspot I've been in France for 8 years so I'm no newcomer to the difficulties of trying to earn a living here.
Alain said…
Bravo pour votre blog sur Carcassonne,
C'est "la grande classe" !
Alain / Chroniques de Carcassonne
Peter Woodcock said…
You know where we are - if there is anything I can help with just let me know
Peter x
Chris Stovell said…
Pondside's great, isn't she? I hope the frustrating wait ends soon and that you'll be able to push on. We all think what you do is amazing - I'd never have the courage to take on projects that you embrace. Here's health to HL and better times ahead to you all.
Posie said…
Oh a hard uphill struggle...but it will all be worth it in the end I am sure and you will look back with rose tinted specs. Sorry to hear HL has been ill, what a worry for you, hope he is getting into better form now. Think you sum people up beautifully in the last paragraph Sally.
Best wishes,
Hi Sally,
I like you have had a peddle very hard this year after my launch of renaissancegrace my feet have only just touched the ground, it is nice to be back!

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