Monday, 11 April 2011

Carcassonne Flights

There is always something of interest going on in Carcassonne. As the weather hit over 32° at the weekend something gentle and uncomplicated was called for. It is now 100 years since Carcassonne was first flown over by Jules Védrines a dashing aviator and racing pilot, later to become a highly decorated fighter pilot in the First World War. He caused quite a stir when in 1919 he landed his small plane on the roof of the Gallery Lafayette. The landing strip being no more than 22 metres, quite an achievement ! The whole of Paris turned out later in the year for what was virtually a state funeral to honour his untimely death.

It was easy to have the romantic notion that sitting in the open cockpit was always exhilarating but the accounts of some of Jules trips for which he became so famous show very clearly that early aviation needed nerves of steel and he displayed great bravery. I wouldn’t have been led to the interesting history of this man and the lovingly put together exhibition had I not spotted the wonderful poster depicting him swooping over La Cité in the Carcassonne Tourist Office. I hope to have a copy of the poster soon on display in No.11.

Meanwhile I rather fancy a flight over Carcassonne in a light aircraft. Air-Occitanie offer exciting flights. Personally tailored trips can be arranged to suit your budget. Just twenty minutes away by car from No.11. There’s far more to do in and around Carcassonne than first meets the eye.

It’s just a matter of knowing where to look !

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Pondside said...

Funny - we both have planes featured in today's post. I would love a flight over Carcassonne in a little plane - what a view I'd have!