Spring in Carcassonne

The weather is completely and utterly beautiful at the moment.  I love waking up to a clear blue sky knowing that the day ahead holds the promise of a warm day.  The colours on the slowly emerging fresh shoots of the trees are almost an electric green when in contrast to the blue sky.  We may live right in the heart of the Medieval bastide but it takes no more than a few minutes to reach the open spaces whether it be the paths along the Canal du Midi or the River Aude with the majestic sight of La Cité dominating the skyline.

I've been most insistent of late that the two of us drag our bikes out of the cellar and get peddling. ( For visitors staying with us we offer a secure place too should you need to store your bikes or even your buggy.)  The other evening we started off at La Pont Vieux and went along the river under the line of blossom trees to the next little footbridge which still had water lapping over it from the melting snow on the Pyrenees.   A couple of people were fishing, small children threw bread to the ducks and a couple of groups of people were setting up picnics on the banks in the evening sun.  We cycled through the wooded park area just below the ramparts of La Cité. We enjoyed a perfect and gentle romantic early evening.

Who would have thought that we were so close to one of the most popular UNESCO sites in the world and yet viewing it from such a tranquil spot surrounded by wild flowers ? Queen Anne's lace, buttercups, coltsfoot and carpets of daisies.  In the park next to the millrace is the pumping station for La Cité dated 1815. Such a momentous year in European history !   From here water was pumped to La Cité We then took the ancient plane lined path around the Île passing market gardens, their soil freshly turned and ready for this years sowings. Luscious tomatoes, french beans, lettuces and blettes which will later appear in Carcassonne market in Place Carnot.

There are birds galore to be spotted in these bosky areas. From the heron who sits on the banks of the river to grey wagtails hopping on the stones, the magic lapis flash of the kingfisher and the housemartins dipping and diving.

 All can be found by simply taking a stroll from No.11.

Taken from my diary at Holiday.Carcassonne.Accommodation.

Why don't you pop over and visit me there too ?


Pondside said…
I'd love to drop in for a visit and a walk through the town and country with you. The countryside must be beautiful in the softness of spring.
Sallys Chateau said…
It would be just the tonic I'm sure Pondside for you and The Great Dane !
Frances said…
Sally, you are tempting me with these posts!

I cannot tell you exactly when, but in the depths of my mind, I really do think that I will be heading your way.

sally said…
It would be lovely to see you Frances, I have the same feeling when reading your posts too !!

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