'The' Wedding in Carcassonne

I guess we are somewhat removed from Royal Wedding fever over here in France. My guests who are with us over the period were most anxious to ascertain that there would be a space in which to watch the momentous occasion. And a momentous occasion it will be too, full of pomp and circumstance bringing out the ‘Great’ in Britain whatever all the sour pussies are saying. With so much overpowering sad news and millions of people in such desperate circumstances throughout the World can’t we show a bit of patriotism for a change without tardy comments ?

Participating in some 'tidying', roughly reading as 'decluttering' I came across an old copy of FRANCE ILLUSTRATION dated 6th June, 1953 depicting not only glorious pictures of the Royal Coronation itself but pictures of the Queen and Prince Philip alongside Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their respective Wedding Days. I know that these little treasures should either go on display or I should sell them on eBay. Neither will happen because I am a natural horder of unusual items which makes us at No.11 just that little bit special. Where else can you find polished hobnail boots as doorstops for example ?

But lest I should get swept away in nostalgia for all things old and from the past let me swiftly come back to the present. We still have some availability for a ‘Royal Mini Break‘ to include joining us for the viewing itself with a bottle of chilled bubbly to toast the happy couple William and Kate.
I can’t promise not to have a tear in my eye on the day though!

picture courtesy of  France Illustration June 1953



Pondside said…
A romantic event - a romantic setting (and I don't mean the cathedral!)...what could be better?

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