Sunday, 31 July 2011

July in Carcassonne Restaurants, Bars and Music

Every so often I empty my handbag, or rather I should say, tidy/file and reflect on where I've been.  Some haunts I re-visit, places I know will be fun, some establishments purely for research, a good excuse as any, so I can direct my guests to unusual restaurants and bars. I only recommend where I have personally visited.

It's all rather a whirlwind during the Festival de Carcassonne held every year from16th June-15th August.  I love the vibrancy on the streets and having everything so close at hand within easy strolling distance of No.11.

I sat on a friends terrace and heard the roar of Texas, I sort of lamented the fact I missed Bryan Ferry despite being offered a free ticket.  I caught a brief slice of Abd Al Malik, I sat and chatted to Tom Jones chauffer in L'Estaminet, a quirky friendly bar up in La Cité.   A few of us reflected that tickets were freely available for Iggy and the Stooges as we sat at  Cafe Felix a great central place to catch up with friends, either for an early morning coffee and croissant or lunch  But really by far the best free concert of all was Kyle Eastwood who did an amazing Jazz set on a beautiful evening in Place Carnot.  At times you could have heard a pin drop as the haunting music drifted across the still air on a perfect sultry night.

In-between partying I visited Le Cathare tucked away up a tiny alleyway.  They have an open fire where they grill on a spit but there's a cool and small courtyard to sit in during the summer months.   At 12 euro's a head it's good value for lunch and their home made custard based dessert knocked the socks off many a more expensive restaurant.

Last night I caught King Charles in André Chenier, a lively Pop Rock band and bumped into them this morning munching croissants in the morning sun.  What a lovely bunch of chaps, I rather think though they wished they had stayed at No.11 when they heard of the mouthwatering breakfast I serve.

I'm  getting hugely excited though for Moby is playing at the Théâtre Jean-Deschamps afterwards there's an apero with Dee Jay Janoz at the Bar à Vins La Cité. We've got Be-Siin to thank for the tickets, sometimes i have to pinch myself because I'm so blessed.

I rather think a few early nights may be in order. I've got a gorgeous gurgling one year old baby girl staying tonight as one of my guests.  Her Mother worried she might wake and I may hear her but I assured her nothing would wake me at the moment !

Tomorrow it's August 1st, where does the time fly to when you're having fun ? 


Pondside said...

Take me away....

Frances said...

Oh Sally, of course there is lots going on in NYC this summer, but somehow I just get a bit of wanderlust reading about all that is happening near your address.


French Preserves said...

Doesn't it indeed !! Life sounds as enticing as ever down your way, harvesting has started here, not quite the same thing though as rock bands jazz in the park and your breakfasts!!

Sallys Chateau said...

Hi French Preserves, your site looks enticing too, just my style !!

her at home said...

Gosh it all sounds so vibrant and exciting down with you I can't wait to visit!!

Sallys Chateau said...

Hi, her at home, we can't wait to meet you all either, quite a formidable crowd us 'bloggers' :)

Serge said...

Jazz does seem to have been a great choice of music during that night. People just seemed to listen as they enjoy both the food as well as the music they got to hear.