Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Carcassonne Tourist

It's always fun to play the tourist here in Carcassonne.  From No.11 everything is such an easy short stroll away.  I never tire of walking up to La Cité especially on stunning beautiful still Autumn evenings such as the other night.  2b and I decided we would indulge in one of our favourite pastimes so armed with his new toy, a Fujifilm finepix S3200 off we set, a couple of hours spent simply and quietly enjoying being together.  Mother and Son. Priceless.

There seemed to be a lot of activity around Place St Jean with glamorous looking people wafting about.  It was being whispered that this was the film crew with actors and actresses presumably commencing filming of  Kate Mosse's wonderful book 'Labyrinth'.  Another blockbuster film to put Carcassonne even more firmly on the world map !!  We sat and sipped our cool beer and watched with interest as they all twittered and fluttered with each other.

We quietly said a goodbye to the huge red orb of the sun as it slipped slowly behind the mountains extinguishing the soft glow on the southern tiled roofs of the old city lying below the formidable towering grey walls.
Walking back over the bridge the Petit Train loomed into view, 'you've got ten seconds to focus and catch the shot' I said, thinking rather horridly that he wouldn't get it.  Blow me down he did as well, in one too.

Same as the wonderful picture above of Le Museé des Beaux Arts

'You're a real chip off the old block' I said proudly and we both dissolved into spontaneous laughter.

Which is pretty much how it is these days.


Pondside said...

It doesn't get much better than that, does it? An adult relationship with one's children - reaping what you've sown in the most wonderful way. Great photographs!

Frances said...

Oh Sally, I loved reading this post. I know that there is much work that you do to create this lovely life, to this reader, I only catch the beauty of Carcassone, while admiring all that you do to show it to us.


Fred said...

Golden moments are all the more precious when they have been absent for a while. x

her at home said...

yep its great to have kids to laugh with and to see them grow up into wonderful young adults. Times like that are priceless.