Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The River Aude

Believe it or not Carcassonne is a city even though it feels just like a large village as the countryside and nature is all around us.  I only popped out to 'la poste' but the lure of the River Aude was to strong to ignore on such a beautiful day especially as I was on my bike. It seems I wasn't the only one who enjoyed sitting by the waters edge either for a breather. Rather reluctantly, for it was rather soporific I resumed my journey and pedalled lazily through the park admiring the delicate blossom on the trees and breathing in deeply the divine scent of the various pine trees which give much needed shade to the picnic tables and benches dotted beneath.

This is a lovely way to approach La Cité and to enter through La Porte d'Aude rather than the main entrance of La Porte Narbonnaise.  I continued along the cycle/jogging walking track with La Cité towering majestically under the piercing blue sky and somehow found myself on the other side of the river, quite by accident really as I've never explored this particular path.  All of a sudden I was startled to come face to face with a pair of  Llama's, assorted sheep and a pair of deer, one with some rather splendid antlers.  Just to round it off nicely a cockerel was strutting his stuff amongst the dust.

Later on the start of Carcassonne Carnival which is coinciding nicely with St Patricks Day, kicked off in Place Carnot with excited children running around in their brightly coloured costumes as people sat blissfully enjoying the stunning warm weather. Carcassonne promises to be fun this weekend !

There is always something of interest to do and see right here literally on the doorstep of No.11 and if you know where to look then you will find something to make your visit that little bit extra special.

It helps to be able to see and enjoy the smaller simpler things that life has to offer, if you miss them then you can't appreciate or recognise the bigger picture


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Spring seems to be definitely getting started.

Susan said...

Oh the ducklings! Your ciy is charming.