Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bugarach 21st December 2012

The end of the world is nigh tomorrow and if you didn't already know you heard it here ok ?frankly though there's not a lot you can do about it.  Nearby in the tiny village of Bugarach, the mountain is unmistakable in the picture above, the residents and the Mayor are bracing themselves for an influx of visitors who firmly believe that the sacred mountains will shelter them from the cataclysm.  The Mayor is begging people to stay away with the entire place surrounded by armed guards.  It's the end of the ancient Mayan calendar although to be utterly honest my charming guests knew nothing about it, I suggested they take a tour of the Chateau up at La Cité and treat themselves to the best restaurant for a slap up meal just in case....

Meanwhile there are plenty of festivities going on here.  We went to a wonderful evening hosted by Liz and Joe at O'Vineyards what a truly splendid tasting experience enhanced by Liz's culinary skills, I have no hesitation in recommending them for anyone wishing to add a visit to a Languedoc vineyard to their itinerary.  A rather splendid bottle of Proprietor's Reserve 2006 should go down a treat on Christmas Day.

We have three tree's up and decorated here at No.11, there's a small one in the suite, a rather magnificent one that touches the ceiling in the entrance hall totally dressed in silver baubles only with twinkling lights that flash on and off and the top off a large pine tree balancing precariously in the drawing room rescued from a friends garden before it met its fate on the bonfire.  It's slightly haphazard but the family are used to that and they say they love it for its individuality.  Apparently its a serious design faux pas to have any tinsel whatsoever in sight and I consider myself lucky to get away with the hand knitted Father Christmas perched on top.

I went for my first session of meditation this afternoon, I was rather apprehensive at first but then when I returned home instead of just staring blankly at the computer words just started to tumble so here I am revitalised and flowing once again.

Which might be too late should I truly believe the world is coming to an end, but I don't, I'm going to view  tomorrow as the start of a different world emerging and concentrate on the positive instead of always worrying about the negative.

I shall still attend tonights party though just in case....


arosebyanyothername said...

I certainly won't have any tinsel anywhere but hand-made objects are fine surely? Otherwise my grandchildren's offerings wouldn't get a look in and I regard those as special.

Frances said...

Ahh Sally, I am definitely looking forward to still being in contact with you in the days, weeks, months, etc. to come.

Your Christmas trees sound just lovely.

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas! xo

Pondside said...

Don't pay any attention to the arbiters of Christmas Tree fashion - just follow your own instincts, which are, I am sure, impeccable!