Wish you were here...

No really, I do.  I love meeting you all.  The very best part of my work is the people I encounter although last week as I lay on the beach  at Gruissan which was utterly deserted I really relished that spot of 'me time' and savoured those first real rays of sunshine.  By my calculations I had at least five minutes of pure silence before my 'Gorgeous Girlie' said we HAD to shoot some video so I left the fine warm sand reluctantly.

Next we meandered around the "Etang de Gruissan" a marvellous location for walking and spotting wildlife and I took a moment to survey spring on its way in the tiny vineyards that are dotted around finishing off with a drive through 'La Clape', an area of outstanding natural beauty which acts as a stunning backdrop along the Mediterranean coast.

I sometimes wonder how the days fly by so quickly, indeed the years roll by rapidly too.  It seems an awfully long time since the days of Le Chateau where this blogspot originated from.  His Lordship moved to pastures new and '2b' and 'The Small Cross One' grew up and flew the nest.

It's true to say an awful lot of water has flowed under the bridge since those days but there is nothing like a challenge and a change of scenery to bring back the vibrancy into your life.

Indeed, I can't think of a better place to be to re-charge your batteries.

Wish you were here...


Anonymous said…
Fab Sally. Wish I was there!
Pondside said…
You make it sound very, very tempting!
It looks fabulous! I agree so much about the flying of time. Now here I am with my much longed for downsized life all circumscribed by looking after my father in law and my father. Not quite what I had in mind! So seize each moment lying back in the sun I say! One day I will get to Carcassone.
Lorena said…
Hi, I just found your blog. I am also living in Carcassonne, so it is cool to see someone else's point of view of this little place here :)
All the best ;)

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