Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lunch at O'Vineyards - Carcassonne

I'm not ready for Autumn and the thought of winter sends a shudder of horror through me. It's inevitable that soon the fires will be lit and cosy evenings in rather than long warm lazy drawn out evenings beckon.  Toby arrived this morning and ran a critical eye over my website.  "Where are your winter promotions ? where are the mini off season packages' ? 'Not quite ready' I replied and in the back of my mind the awful word 'Christmas' nudged my consciousness.

Why only yesterday I was lolling happily on the beach and swimming in the sea, why does the change have to be so brutal ?

I did a little bit of research this week though if truth be known.  I was lucky enough to be invited to lunch by Liz and Joe at O'Vineyards  and I never knowingly pass up the opportunity for some valid investigation so that I can truthfully pass on my knowledge to my guests.  I rather boringly chose to drive hence missed the opportunity to do some serious quaffing after a rather lively weekend spent with an old acquaintance whom I hadn't clapped eye's on for thirty years, I daresay those of you with vivid imaginations get the drift...

Anyway the assembled guests at Liz's table were a delightful mix of Americans, English and Brazilian.  First of all they were treated to a tour of the vineyards with a comprehensive explanation by Joe on how the wines are produced in an easily understood down to earth fashion whilst Liz reigns supreme in the kitchen.  The dishes flow as does the wine, home-made chicken and pork paté, goats cheese, Roquefort and pear pastries, boudin noir (black pudding) in half a baked apple, duck salad with spicy dressing (Liz showed us her recipe for a super spicy dressing), duck sausage bought from the award winning boucherie (holding the esteemed 1985 gold medal for excellence) from our local Les Halles in Carcassonne. Joe is generous with his pouring of their excellent wines, O'Chasan 2012, Stranger Stranger 2010; 100% Merlot, O'Muse, (rather quaintly named after their lovely rescue dog) and more which I didn't note as I wasn't drinking it... I know, I know, get a life !!

To be totally honest the most exciting part of any meal is the dessert for me and Liz did not disappoint with her Creme Brulee topped with vanilla mousse and a French strawberry sitting on top.  I do pride myself on knowing all about a good strawberry so this little touch was important and rounded off the meal nicely.

Taxi's arrived and everyone left happy and the very very best of friends.  Joe and Liz know how to keep the conversation and the ambiance flowing, she is one sassy switched on energetic lady.

If you get the chance just go !!


Pondside said...

What a beautiful afternoon!

Fennie said...

Hallo Sally! Good to see you are well and thriving. I always enjoy your descriptions of life around Carcassonne. Thanks for visiting my blog. Do drop in on Purple Coo one day. We are still going - just a select few remain.