Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The heavens opened in Carcassonne

It rained, non-stop, for five days.  If it ceased I wasn't aware of it.  Wellingtons were bought out of storage, rain coats donned, umbrella's unfurled and all eye's cast upwards as the heavens opened.

Our wonderful wicker man created by the Canadian artist Marc Walter and with the participation of the community, became the focus of attention as we weathered the storm and exchanged stories of leaks and floodings.

The normally tranquil River Aude turned into a raging torrent of murky dark brown water as it raced unstoppable and carried whole tree's which bobbed along like matchsticks. I walked alongside it but it's fury made me shudder and I hurried home to seek solice by a flickering log fire.

I hope we don't lose him but I fear when the waters subside he's going to look rather forlorn.

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Canadian Chickadee said...

Wow! The power of water will not be denied. It looks as if your poor wicker statue is holding up his arms in surrender, or in hopes of turning the tide. I hope by now that things have calmed down a bit. Take care and God bless, xoxo