Tuesday, 17 December 2013

On being stalked....

Tis' the season for goodwill amongst all men.  Forgiveness, kindness, love and compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves and those that we love, and who love us in return.  I have plenty to be thankful for this year.  I count myself as fortunate to have been re-united with someone I love very much, I have a strong family and loyal friends who ride life's highs and lows with me.  But I also have a sinister presence that simply will not go away.  For anyone who has ever been stalked you will understand the anxiety and distress that this unwanted attention brings.

And I have endured months of this abuse, because abuse it what it is.  It is an abuse of your right to enjoy freedom and to go about your daily life and business free of harassment and vile threats to those closest to you.  I have a right to see whom I want, when I want and to do exactly as I please without having to offer an explanation to anyone other than those I choose to be close to me.

I have thought for many months about divulging this side of my life on the Internet but in the end hearing of someone who was driven to a near nervous breakdown by similar bullying behaviour I decided to speak out.  Because the stark reality is that unless you speak out and make yourself heard the bully will continue to inflict his or her disgusting, delusional and obsessive pursuit of your affection by whatever means they can.

Go to the police.  Record and note every single call.  Get witnesses to listen to the messages. Block the abuser on every social networking site. 

I receive over 100 unwanted calls a month.  It is pointless changing my mobile number I have a business to run that makes it necessary for people to contact me this way.

What this person is doing is criminal and currently has a severe penalty with a prison sentence.  These are your rights in France if you are a victim of this crime. http://www.savif.com/html/Loi.html

And finally, oh so finally when all else has failed, when tracking down and begging his family to make him stop has no impact,  when going to the Police and stupidly dropping all charges prior to a court case fails and he walks free to re-abuse,

Name and shame the perpetrator on the Internet.

If by posting this I have given just one person the strength to stand up to an abuser then I regret nothing.


sarah Tavenner said...

never let fear stop you protecting yourself and your family.

Frances said...

Jeepers, Sally. How awful for you to have this horrid experience. You are absolutely right to step forward and defend yourself.


Pondside said...

Courage, Sally. Evil can't survive in the light, so shine a light on him and this harassment. You have a right to peace of mind and a peaceful life.

muddyboots said...

Name & shame. Be brave have courage, inspire others.

Canadian Chickadee said...

I agree that you must speak up. Pondside said it best. Good luck and best wishes, xoxox Carol

Sallys Chateau said...

Thank you everyone, your support means a lot to me, meanwhile the harassment continues with further threats, why are we not better protected against such bullies ?
what truly saddens me is the amount of people that have written to me privately whose lives have been blighted by the same abuse.

Blossomcottage said...

Gosh Sally what a terrible thing to happen.
As Ponside said "it's your human right to peace of mind"
Bullies should not be treated with sympathy, shout loud and hard until it stops.
My lovely niece has been the subject of internet and school bullying over the past year, it's led to misery and self harming ,all at the tender age of 14.
Let there be no hiding place for these evil perpetrators.

Exmoorjane said...

Absolutely. Name and shame the coward. So sorry this is still going on. xxxxxxx

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I am so sorry to hear you are having to deal with this. What a bastard! You have every right to both happiness and privacy. xx

Anonymous said...

Thierry Julliard from Barcelona Spain is the perpetrator.

Despite pointing out the serious nature of his crime and the fact that it holds a heavy fine with a prison sentence he continues to phone.

So here is his name.

He will be shown no mercy.

Grouse said...

You have shown such fortitude. His cowardice will falter in the face of your courage