Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Fall in Love.

I'm in a place I love.  Where else than the beautiful Jurassic coast of Dorset and staying in the award winning French Patisserie Le Vieux Four with my friend. Woken to the aroma of warm croissants, lulled into a relaxing slumber in front of the log fire.  Is it any wonder that it is impossible not to fall in love with life ? Free to relax, free to indulge in my passion of writing, free just to simply be me.

And I can't stop writing, it's like being gripped by a fever that knocks you for six, it's as though someone else has possessed you.  Or is it that something else has possessed me ?

We're celebrating tonight.  The bottle of bubbly is in the fridge.  My very talented friend has just launched her cookbook, Recipes from Le Vieux Four, the secret culinary adventures of a Dorset pastry chef and been featured in Dorset magazine, six pages no less.

We're having a few laughs along the way too and doing some serious tasting in preparation for Valentines Day.  Mango, dark chocolate and passion fruit tarts, heart shaped ginger cake dipped in lemon icing.

Which leads straight to my heart and my poem
I Miss You Ghost ©Sally Townsend 2014

I miss you, I miss you so much,
Along with your smile, along with your touch.

If I close my eye’s I can breathe you in,
If I play our music, the party can begin.

Sometimes I catch sight of your ghost,
Because you are the one,
I simply want to be with the most,

No-one else will do,
For no-one else can compare,
It’s you, and you alone,
That lingers in the air.

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