Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Time to retreat.

Sometimes you instinctively know that it is time to retreat.  You are surrounded by people who are constantly chattering but you simply cannot hear their words anymore.  They are meaningless and shallow and you neither have the time or energy to deal with their inconsequential grievances.

Perhaps they are people you once loved, people you feel must continue to love, they could even be family which makes it all the more difficult.  To pull away, to be true to yourself takes strength and courage and a belief that you are worth so much more than simply clinging onto someone who is not capable of returning your love even though you have been consistent with yours for many many years.

So you stand on the edge of the abyss knowing it is going to be one hell of a leap but knowing that if you don't the past will pull you back time and time again and the uncertainty will destroy you.

Yesterday I went to see the strongest, yet gentlest person I know, I am proud to say he is my son and we sat for many hours side by side and pondered on life.  He can read me like a book, inside out, cover to cover.  I can try and firmly close the pages, hide the contents from sight but it's no good, he can simply see straight through me.

So I am beginning a new adventure, just for a short while until I re-open No.11 again for the season ahead. I will probably post pictures and pop by once in a while, for it's going to be fun and a challenge but worthwhile nevertheless.

Meanwhile I leave you with these words...

Write he said I beg you to simply write,
Open up your heart, let out the pain,
So that you,
Can start once again,

For if you don’t, I know for sure
That it will haunt you for evermore,
For the longer that you hold onto that pain,
You will never,
No you will never,
Be you,
Once again.


sarah Tavenner said...

i am so excited by your new adventure I am so sure it will be fun and you are so wise letting go of your excess baggage before you start off. Have fun !!!

Delia Bourne said...

Brave lady. Bon courage and come back renewed!

Frances said...

Sally, best wishes to you. May 2014 bring you experiences to treasure, happiness, and a way for your to find that zest for life that think of when I see your name.


Lesley said...

Sally, enjoy your adventure! Lx