Love and Letting Go

Everyday if you look very carefully you will see something beautiful.  It may be small and at first glance insignificant but if you can see it and recognise it's beauty you are well on the way to being happy. It helps enormously of course if you are lucky enough to be spending a few hours with someone you love, being with such a person is naturally uplifting and such opportunities should be grasped and devoured with memories left to linger and savour afterwards.

Loving and Letting Go are two very important lessons to learn in life because if you can successfully do both happiness will radiate from you and people will naturally be attracted to you. In turn you will have far more energy to deal with the more tedious aspects of life and the inevitable pain that comes of having to let go of someone you love, whether it be through illness or death or a situation not of your choosing.

So today I have done the minimum amount in terms of 'work'.  The tin of paint I had bought for the bathroom remained unopened because I chose instead to be with someone I love.  The benefits far outshone a new coat of paint on the walls because that can wait until another day.

Memories are mainly made from acts of spontaneity.


"Don't cry over the past; it's over. Don't stress about the future; it hasn't arrived. Live for the present and make it beautiful."

Taken from your New years post and something I constantly try and adhere to but find hard truth be told. I also like your final sentence here about memories and spontaneity. I feel the two are linked. Anyway spent a quiet weekend reading your blogs and the challenges you faced, you are an inspiration. Strange to sometimes come across my own comments on it when living in France was a dream, something for the future. Have re-signed up so I can comment here not just through f/b, somehow locked myself out of my old blog and account. Will be briefer in future though so please keep writing you do it so well.
Sallys Chateau said…
Hi Procrastinator extraodinaire, lovely to hear from you, we know each other from the past...look forward to your new blog postings too x

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