Dreams in Carcassonne

Sometimes you meet people and they blow you away.  The impression of them remains with you long after they have left and you find yourself thinking back to that split second when they entered your heart. I met someone who had their new iphone stolen the other day, it contained his music, his photographs, his contacts, his information, his life.... And what really hit home very hard was the fact that he bore them no ill will even though this person had wronged him, had caused him pain insofar as he had trusted a group of people. I was commiserating with him and in the back of my mind wondering what my reaction would have been. I know the answer and his attitude humbled me. 'Perhaps the person who felt the need to steal it doesn't have such lovely things in his life as me' was his reply.

And I just thought 'wow' because it stopped me in my tracks and made me reflect awhile. This was the intention the other week with the 'line of dreams' that fluttered happily in the breeze in Place Carnot. Children interpreted their dreams through colourful drawings and it was good to see people taking the time to admire and ponder. I couldn't help but wonder what sort of pictures would appear if adults were asked to do the same thing, if their aspirations and hopes would differ greatly.

I think we should all take time out to dream, it's good for us.

I want to live in a castle
See shooting stars in the sky
The moat will wrap itself around us
Just you and I

I want to lie next to you
Each and everyday
All the other distractions
Will simply go astray

I want to believe in you
Trust in what you say
Look deep into your soul
Blow the nightmares away

I want dreams that turn into realities
Not flotsam upon the shore
But in my heart of hearts I know
It’s not  possible anymore    ©SallyTownsend

Please leave a comment with your dreams and share with others if you enjoy !


Brent McTavish said…
Beautiful words Sally :) Brent
Anonymous said…
Wow! Very nice Sally!
Debbie Bennison said…
Oops, i am not anonymous! Haha. Debbie Bennison
Sallys Chateau said…
Thanks Debs, Hurry back to start your tours
(Dreaming again)

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