Monday, 7 April 2014

Life in the slow lane

The title says it all...  Make of that what you will, those who know me well will read between the lines.  And there's something to be said about living life in the slow lane, unless you want to go anywhere of course in a hurry and then it presents problems.

You frequently have the occasion to wonder how people 'run' a business here. It's Monday morning and I'm chasing. I'm onto the Agents who manage the building, they are supposed to be onto the Architect who in turn is supposed to be sitting (hard) on the roofer who was going to start the new roof at the beginning of November. H.E.L.L.O, it's a week into April... What the hell, it's practically midday, nearly time for a two hour lunch.

Had the occasion to dress up on Saturday night. Every woman loves the excuse to pop on a dress and high heels, a bit of sashaying never goes amiss. Was treated to a superb Maharashtra curry from the district of Kolhapur. Combining a local red wine with this splendid dish we consulted Vin&Vinos, a small but highly informative wine boutique and tasting room here in the Bastide. The 'sans plus attendre' from Domaine Modat had us all crooning with pleasure. For dessert the chocolate mousse chosen from the endless seductive display at La Ferme, the epicerie and delicatessen was joined by a glass of very pleasing 2005 Muscat de rivesaltes from Domaine Cazes, another little Roussillon beauty.

To round off the evening we partook in some some light nibbling of hand produced chocolate from Marions les chocolats of Pennautier whilst standing on a terrace complete with a view of La Cité, all magically lit up in all its mystery. It was a moment for reflection.   It was a particularly fine evening, the moon had a pleasingly crescent shaped curve with stars sparkling bright and clear.

Life in the slow lane...

Why try to run when walking will get you there just as quickly ?


Brent McTavish said...

Oh Sally, I so hope you get your roof sorted soon... OMG when will it end! Love the photo in this blog... you have a very interesting eye ;) ... well both of them are lovely LOL!

Debbie Bennison said...

Sounds devine.