The countryside of the Languedoc

I am the first to grab the opportunity for a little 'jaunt'. Whilst I extol the benefits of staying in the heart of the Bastide of Carcassonne it must be said that the surrounding countryside is stunning.  We are fortunate enough to have the Mediterrean, the Pyrenees and the Black Mountains all within easy reach for such jollies. Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to a book launch hosted in the terribly smart little village of Pieusse. Maison Laurent played hosts and Wendy Gedney was there signing copies of her superb book 'Wines of the Languedoc' with mouth watering illustrations by Jenny Baker.  A brilliant addition to include on the shelves here at No.11.

It was one of those glorious May days.  The sun shone with a gentle breeze and the route that we took from Saint Hilaire took us along quiet country lanes with stunning views of rolling vineyards with occassional glimpes of the Pyrenees still sprinkled with snow.  Picture perfect in fact.  Wild flowers dotted the verges and birdsong pierced the invigorating clear air. A field of young Olive tree's swayed with poppies waving underneath.   I wanted to linger longer, I wanted to meander, I wanted to be lost in the magic of the moment but as always I was ruled by time and commitments. I spotted a field blazing, awash with bright red poppies but alas the road ahead swallowed me up before I had time to stop and the opportunity was lost. But I have promised myself that I will return very shortly, I will make time to capture the breathtaking views and savour the beauty without indecent haste.

My guests left feeling rather remorseful this morning wishing they had allocated more time to the Languedoc and Carcassonne itself. 'We wished we had more time' they said.

'So do I' I replied. 'Time is the most precious thing we possess' and I thought once again how wisely one must use it.

If you would like to come and visit me please do not hestitate to contact me direct. Two nights or more and you will receive a complimentary bottle of local wine, perfect to sit back and enjoy reading 'Wines of the Languedoc' !!


Pondside said…
That blue sky - gorgeous!
Time, it scares me how quickly it moves on yet I am a master at wasting it. I think because I need periods of nothingness.

We have done renovations in Britain this will be first here. The house is very livable though once heating sorted. Might need to call on your expertise from time to time but we intend to take our time. In the past I have been a slave to it, this time we are determined to enjoy living in it as well as doing it.

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