Thursday, 5 June 2014

Carcassonne -Book Direct for 10% OFF.

Firstly you really really should be here, I can't imagine why you are not, if I could wave a magic wand I would whisk you here instantly.  Imagine, wouldn't that be blissful ?
Any number of restaurants would have taken my fancy today all bustling and ready for a weekend of 'Al fresco' eating, with the temperatures set to soar into the high 20's its all terribly tempting isn't it ?

I lingered awhile as I do, I must confess to loving a 'linger' and a little pang of envy briefly fluttered through my mind as I imagined being on holiday.

Rising in a leisurely fashion contemplating the day ahead someone else would prepare and bring me breakfast.  I wouldn't have to face a whole host of other guests and make polite 'small talk'.  Here at No.11 it's all terribly civilised, breakfast taken privately in your own room.  Quality coffee or tea, croissants and pain au chocolat that melt in your mouth,  yoghurt's and a generous helping of sliced fresh fruit to mix with granola if you wish.  I do get very flattering reviews for my breakfasts.... (thought i would slip that in)

I was seeking an excuse to 'slip out' and away from a rather distasteful pile of ironing.  I couldn't think of another reason to go out so I went out anyway.  Five minutes walk from here is the River Aude, (brilliant cycling and walking paths) and I found a sunny quiet spot and closed my eye's for a split second.  The water was burbling pleasingly over the rocks, a slight breeze took the edge off the heat of the sun, the sky a searing blue overhead.  Right in front of me the heron gracefully glided in and proceeded to position himself in the shallow waters on his spindly legs.  I was overjoyed, what a wonderful photo opportunity I thought happily to myself.  Sadly it was not to be, such was my rush to 'seize the moment' that the camera had been left at home. The words 'Epic picture failure' bounced around in my head. 

Never mind hopefully I have the whole summer stretching tantalisingly before me in which to indulge my passion of lingering and meandering along with my camera.

Just one last word though before I go and join friends for an early evening apéro round their pool. 

Did you know that by booking direct with the owner you can often get a much better deal than  booking through an agency on line ? Sadly most people are blissfully unaware that agencies charge a substantial fee to the hotel/b&b owner. 'If only we had known' people say.

Book direct with No.11 for two nights or more and you will receive 10% off the stated nightly room rate.

You too could be leisurely sitting at any one of these restaurants, or grabbing that elusive picture of the Heron !!

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Procrastinator extraodinaire said...

Breakfast in bed, what a delightful idea. Was bemoaning the curse of boy childs on Fete de mama. Always took my mother breakfast in bed on tray filled with flowers when a child. My lot managed two very late cards, one the next day!, between the four of them.