Hello Monday

Hello Monday, and so another week arrives after a whirlwind weekend.  We've had a spell of utterly scorching weather but this morning the heavens opened and we were deluged with rain.  Emergency roofing works are currently underway here but thankfully disruption is at a minimum.  The men scrambled off the roof like startled rabbits and congregated in the large entrance hall.  The group of female guests stared with undisguised interest and soon a jolly banter ensued. 

The house which is of historical importance has a large garden to the rear, usually the door is locked by the owner who sadly does not possess a sense of humour but on this occassion it was open giving a rare glimpse to a space which should be loved and enjoyed by all but is not.  I lifted up my camera to take a shot of the grinning men and heard a stern voice telling me photographs of the garden were not allowed. We all stared at her in disbelief, none of us were the slightest bit interested in her half dead wilting rose bushes and soon a low rumbling of giggling started as she remained impassive and uncomprehending at the absurdity of her statement. The men were delighted with the attention and the guests left happy.

Happiness and laughter is what makes the world go round. Love, compassion and joy should be injected into everyone's daily lives if at all possible. This past weekend France held its annual Fête de la Musique to celebrate the summer solstice, the streets of Carcassonne were alive with music and dancing with all the bars running at full tilt.  I listened to a band playing outside a superb new Cave à vin - Cave à manger with an impressive newly opened restaurant next door, both right on the doorstep of No.11. There seem to be a variety of new restaurants opening here, all run by lively enthusiastic staff which can only be good for the residents and tourists alike.

So enjoy your day, embrace the new week ahead and live your days to the full. Dance, sing and rejoice and see the positive side of life and show kindness to others.

Life is about sharing and caring, Madam.


Pondside said…
What an old sour puss! I'm glad you were all able to laugh!

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