Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bliss on St.Martins, Scilly.

Karma St.Martins

Day 3

Congratulate myself this morning on:

a) Having the sense to be here before the 'press' descend and it becomes alarmingly fashionable and I leave it too late to re- book (if you want to avoid this take my tip and bag yourself a break by booking ahead) not forgetting I got here before all the 'glossies' and sumptuous supplements so this is a bit of a 'exclusive', hot from Scilly, your woman on the ground, so to speak...

b) Everything else now being totally irrelevent because I am so enormously 'chilled' which was the point of the visit in the first place.

Scrutinized the breakfast menu, Karma Lighter Breakfast, Karma Royal Breakfast, Karma Breakfast Specials,(spiced kedgeree with smoked haddock & poached egg, Bombay scrambled eggs, toasted muffins, cumberland sausage, crunchy toast, oozing butter....). You get the picture don't you ? and for those that are 'simply hooked on Scilly' and avidly watching my progress will you please note that I was going for the healthy option and what my friend was doing opposite I have no idea as the view is so breathtaking.

Decided to go for a stroll but waylaid by plump juicy blackberries dripping from bushes begging to be savoured. We are assaulted on every turn by views that render us speechless. They just keep coming, it's like hitting the jackpot on a fruit machine and watching the gold coins tumble out. Curling deep green fronds of the ferns brushing against your legs and filling your nostrils with their sweet smell, the distinctive salty aroma of the Atlantic air, the slimey seaweed draping itself over the rocks, little warm pools cradling sea anemone. I run across the firm virgin sand swept to perfection by the tide. 'Look at me' I call up to the circling screeching gulls overhead, 'am I not the luckiest person in the world', but they ignore me, they have heard it countless times before here.

Then I get presented with a handful of 'Scilly shells' fresh from Great Bay. Forget diamonds, forget those fancy pearls, what every woman wants is to be wooed with pureness and beauty, how simple is that ?

What on earth are you waiting for ?


(Say Sally sent you) !!!!!

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