Karma St.Martins, Isles of Scilly

Destination * Karma St.Martins, Isles of Scilly.

Day 1.

Outside I can hear the faint gentle lapping of the waves from the sanctuary of my room, occasionally a curlew will call in the distance but other than that there is complete and utter silence, the other world,(the real one), seems far away and could easily be as distant as the stars I have gazed at as I sat on the silkiest bed of sand feet away from the hotel and waited for the full moon to make its appearance tonight.

Lucky me, I was staying at Karma St.Martins the newly opened hotel on the island. I had known the islands as a child and in my memories they seemed almost surreal and as I clambered aboard the little piper plane and the engines revved up I was gripped by a fear that the purity of those childhood holidays could never be recaptured, how wrong I was !

The cluster of islands appear and once again I was that excited little girl pressing my nose to the window and if it were possible for your heart to physically soar then it did as I gazed down at the sublime aqua and deepest pure blue colour of the seas merging into glistening gold strips of sand with deep brown rocks dotted like delicious chocolate drops scattered haphazardly, as if by a gourmet chef drunk by his beautiful creation.    I easily caught the boat from the harbour of St Marys and we were off slicing through the startlingly crystal clear waters the invigorating spray occasionally giving us the merest caress as we inhaled the pure air.

Friendly locals chatted amicably and there were shouts of ‘turn the boat around’ as the ice-box carrying fresh produce bound for the island flew off and bobbed up and down in our wake. It was deftly fished out amongst much hilarity and then the island of St.Martins appeared before our eyes, the long jetty seemingly stretching out ready to embrace us.

Just above lies the hotel of Karma St.Martins, a cluster of pretty local granite stone buildings designed to appear like a hamlet of cottages. Thirty rooms for guests along with sumptuous suites all for the discerning traveller lying discreetly above the stunning bay.   Savio from reception was there to assist with my luggage with a genuine ready infectious smile.  I felt rather dazed, the serenity overwhelms you immediately, the Indian summer was in full swing and this sub-tropical paradise had me hopelessly smitten from the word go. 

Within a matter of hours the magic of Scilly and Karma  began to seep into my exhausted body as I ever so slowly and unwittingly began to 'let go' and completely unwind.


Frances said…
Sally, thank you for this view from the beautiful Scilly Isles. Since you are yourself a marvelous host, I would hold your praise of the Karma St Martins as praise indeed.

Do enjoy your relaxing stay. Enjoy having others with hospitality skills embrace you in this beautiful place.

Find that your batteries are recharged without actually being aware of the process. Must be grand to have sweet childhood memories renewed.


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