September sunshine on Scilly


The sunshine returned and the temperatures soared once more. I had succumbed to a cold, not an attractive acquisition but I was saddled with it. It was a stark reminder that this is real life not a fairy tale, you didn't think for one moment it was did you ?

A little girl is in her element playing happily and safely on one of the most gorgeous beaches you will find anywhere in the world, only this one she has entirely to herself. As she contentedly clutches her shrimping net I fervently hope this blissful moment will travel with her throughout her life, just as my recollections of Scilly have.

Earlier on I had tagged onto a guide giving a tour of the island to a little knot of people, some scribbling fervently into notebooks, others clutching binoculars and camera's, all with the 'de-riguer' rucksack. Did you know that wild chicory only grows on three places on Scilly, there are only two pairs of Peregrine Falcons and that October is the best month in which to spot a wide variety of birds, many of them European migrants ? I make a mental note to go on a tour soon.

Going along with the old adage of 'feeding a cold' I settle myself down with a plate of home-made flapjacks, fruit cake and chocolate.  I steadily compile an album of over forty photographs, not bad for 11 days really despite all the distractions.

Now I just have to figure out how to share it so you can be here with me.....


Chris Stovell said…
Those photos are so evocative. I'm so pleased you've made time for yourself, I think it's important, essential even, to refill the well. x
Frances said…
Sally, may I tell you again how much I am enjoying your Scilly posts. What a special place it is that you are exploring, while renewing some memories.

i laughed a bit at your description of the tour group, but did learn a few new facts. Think that I already had an idea that birds migrated about this time of the year! Perhaps talented ladies also do some migrating? xo

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