Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunday on Scilly

It's difficult to imagine that because of poor weather the plane did not fly for three days.  People were  'stranded', it's then you realize that you are on a tiny group of islands huddled together in the middle of the Atlantic.

I had a very busy weekend, I can hear the snorts of derision from you now just as I hear the echo of disbelief when I tell people I took a 'one way ticket'. 'Just as life is' I cheerily explain and I know there are people annoyed with me for such an irrational move. They seek an explanation, a reason for the frivolity, the rashness of such an act, but really they are annoyed with themselves. It is not easy to veer from your supposed path in life, to venture and walk amongst the complete unknown, it takes courage, but most of all it takes a belief in yourself even if sometimes life gives you the push when you least expected it.

From the 'South of France to Scilly' I know in my heart I am immensely privileged but no-one held my hand along the way, and as Toby constantly reminds me 'no-one can do it for you' and there lies the hard part.  Is it the rugged rocks with their strange shapes that lie along hypnotic tiny paths of springy heather or the rounded boulders snaking and stretching lazily as the tide goes out ? I decide I am most definitely a 'rock person' because I am fascinated by them.

Sunday afternoon turns out to be quite a scorcher so I set out for the very last beach on the island that I had not yet walked on. I headed towards the distinctive Daymark landmark and to the right the beach of Perpitch. But as soon as I got there it was hopelessly obvious by the feelings of 'deja vu' that swept over me that this totally deserted stretch of sand with it's dunes had played it's part in my happy childhood, more years ago perhaps than I would care to admit. The late afternoon sun began to cast its fierce gold glow on the ferns which were changing their summer coats into the soft hues of Autumn.  The seals came and obligingly bobbed up and down for me, their silky sleek glistening bodies twisting and turning joyfully.

To reach heaven you have to make the journey alone.

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