Big Skies, Big Tides, Big Dreams on Scilly.

Anything is possible on Scilly.  You simply detach yourself from everything in life that is unjust, unkind, unfair or irritating and focus. Focus on the big glorious skies, soak up the beauty of the big tides and allow yourself to dream.  Dream big and bold.  Do this for yourself because no-one else can do it for you.

Have you ever walked on the ocean floor ? It's the most peculiar surreal feeling knowing that hours before and hours after you have made an imprint with your footsteps the waves will wash away any evidence of you.

St Martins is well known for it's unique flats, the vast stretches of sand that link the islands together at the Spring tides/big tides and expose the hundreds of rock formations. Sometimes it is possible to walk between St Martins, Tresco, Bryher, Samson and the Eastern Isles. The sands take on a lunar like quality and its an eerie feeling, I felt quite 'displaced'. The lovely local boatman started to gently chide us for gazing too long at tempting shells, tantalising strands of seaweed, the obsession to take copious photographs.  I wasn't going to linger once I was told the tide was on the turn.

It was one of those magical days where pictures and words would never be adequate. You just looked about you and counted your blessings, felt glad to be alive, privileged to be there and slightly sad that time tumbles on quite so quickly.

And that after every hello comes the inevitable goodbye.  Just as after every sunrise comes a sunset.

Big skies, big tides, big dreams.

Sally on Scilly.


Frances said…
Sally, this blog post of yours tells me things that I have suspected myself for a long time, without having the tides of Scilly to provide some evidence.

I guess that those tides have been telling their illustrative tales for centuries. I am so glad you are there right now to absorb what they tell.

And now, I digree with a question. Do most folks who are born and bred in the Scilly Isles find a way to stay there for their lifetimes. Do they also find a summons into their heads to travel elsewhere, to explore unknown to them experiences.

I sort of hope that the Scilly born and bred to get that call, hear it, act on it, and after wise evaluations head on back to Scilly.

I would. xo
Irish Eyes said…
I was wondering where you had gone to, because I hadn't "tuned" in for a while thanks to life's pressures. Glad to have found you again. I love this blog, have been reading down on previous ones too. Well, locking yourself in the study and sticking a big sign on the door saying "Buzz Off" helps give one time to read.

This brings back lovely memories of 2005 and a trip Mum and I took from Falmouth to visit Tresco. Her excitement at flying in a helicopter for the first the ripples in the sand she has passed away but the the memories linger. It never stopped raining for the whole trip that day in May '05 but the memories linger on, deep as the ocean and Tresco still smiled through the rain. I will back to visit this lovely blog.

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