Sunday, 5 October 2014

Drifting with the clouds, sitting with the stones.... on Scilly

Difficult not to feel on top of the world here.  Surrounded on all sides by the sea and gigantic expansive skies which are ever changing. It has finally dawned on me that my life needs more sky, sea and stones, and where better to find it than Scilly ? Simple then.

A trip to St Agnes had us mesmerised by the stones. Some in groups, some standing staunchly alone and some looking decidedly wobbly. They reminded me of life and people because every creation would have had a story behind it and been constructed with loved ones in mind, people gone but not forgotten perhaps.  Well that's what I like to think anyway.

Once we had torn ourselves away from the stones we turned our attention to the waves, the sea sucking in its breath deeply and exhaling with force as we battled to hold our cameras steady. If I had put a five pound note into my bank account every time I had uttered 'this is heaven on earth' I would be a millionairess, oh I forgot, I am one.....

I'm ravenous by this time, all this excitement in the form of bracing air, weird rock formations and an excitable sea, so we whizz into the St Agnes post office.  I say 'whizz' but in reality the choice is so tempting in there and so the process takes longer than planned, Must not forget I am on 'Scilly time'...

We stagger with our edible goodies, the tide is just receding on the sandbar between St Agnes and Gugh, if you haven't been there and crossed a virgin sand unsullied by human feet then put it on your 'bucket list'. One word, exhilarating. Sea just happened to be like crystal cut glass glistening on the purest of linen.

Sea, sun and sand.  Oh, and a new passion of mine, seaweed. Totally hooked on seaweed now.

We'll do the seaweed another time though , too much of a good thing is bad for your health. Everything in moderation.

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