Stuck on Scilly, 1st October.

Someone has whispered that it's the 1st October but I could be excused for feeling confused and then I remember, I'm 'stuck on Scilly' in the middle of an Indian summer....

Not that it is all searing blue skies, dazzling clear waters that seduce in hues of blues and gentle greens, oh no, there are mists and rain too but they neither dampen my spirits or wash away the magic.

And the longer I stay here the worse it gets. The drug begins to get a grip but it seems everyone I talk to who is lucky enough to be visiting has the same affliction.  The only way you can feed the addiction is to come back as regularly as you can and peruse the Internet for images and talk to like minded people for a quick 'fix'. So it's at this point I would like to say 'thank you' to people who have written with kind words and who I know derive enjoyment from this blog....

Sally, you neatly sum up why we return year after year!

It's people and places that make the world a better place, not possessions. People's stories, sometimes uplifting, occasionally deeply sad as to why they are here, what brings them back and why they are bound by that invisible thread to the islands.

Last night I walked to the top of the garden.  A deep yellow custard coloured moon hung low in the sky, clusters of bright stars and the seemingly endless Milky Way watched over me.  The only thing I could hear were the waves of the high tide pounding the beaches but other than that the sound was deafening.

I'm usually an avid reader but I can't pick up a book and concentrate, there is too much to see, so much to do and some days it's impossible to absorb it all. Read into that what you will !!

Oh, and people to talk to....

'Stuck on Scilly' in so many ways.


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