Thursday, 26 February 2015

I'm writing a book.

Four words that are quite simply designed to put the person on the receiving end of this statement to sleep. Watch them shift uneasily as their eye's glaze over. If they are loyal friends or loving family they will give you an encouraging smile. Don't however mistake this for interest or an overwhelming curiosity so that you rush into breathlessly giving them a rapid taster of your work in progress.

I know for a fact that were I to announce 'I'm painting a picture' then a beam of approval would be forthcoming. 'How interesting, exciting, amazing, fulfilling' may be a few responses. A few more spring to mind. 'I'm having a baby', 'I'm renovating a house', 'I'm swimming the Channel, 'I'm having an affair'. See what I mean ? you're far more likely to engage me in further conversation. Everyone is writing a book, how can they not be ? everyone has a story to tell quite probably involving having a baby, renovating a house, swimming the Channel or some other amazing act, possibly slipping in an affair for good measure. And there you have it, wallop. A story.

And the main culprit as to why I don't write as many words as I would hope for in a day is distraction. A fly buzzing round the room can be a fascinating subject should I allow my eyes to wander and chart its progress. I know how many tiny crocuses are clustered on the lawn for example, I've watched the neighbours jolly yellow daffodil heads nodding in the wind and I know how marvellous the morning light looks on the sensuous hills opposite. I love the deepening shadows as the day draws to a close. I can be fascinated by wonky chimney pots with screeching seagulls on top, sloping roofs and solid chestnut trees as they arch upwards and wait patiently for the warm air of spring to blow over them.

So that when I am asked what I have been doing all day, as sometimes I am, I can reply quite truthfully that I have been watching. I have been quietly observing, reflecting and turning stuff over in my mind.

Because I don't know if I've told you this, but, I'm writing a book.

The End.


Frances said...

Sally, I read your four words and thought, "this is great news." Truly. Over the years I've been reading your posts, and commenting thereon, I hope you have realized how much I admire your writing.

A book! Fantastic. Sit in that room, or walk about. Look, listen, think, maybe put down a word, or sentence, or capture an entire flurry of a page. Begin in the morning, or even afternoon. Keep going.


Pondside said...

Go for it! We all know that you can do it and you'll find no glazed-over eyes or avoidance here - I look forward to hearing about the work in progress.

Sally Townsend said...

Pondside and Frances. Thank you for your words of encouragement, they keep me going !!

Jean Brookes said...

Being mindful recharges the creative spirit!

Rachel said...

Waiting to as a long time reader of your blog like Frances and Pondside :)

Rachel (again) said...

Have just read back through some of your posts ( been a while as my own life has been through major upheaval yet again) and note you have left France. Unlike me you seem glad to be back, I am happy for you and wish you well with your next adventure. Xx