Reflections from Carcassonne.

I hadn't realized that scientists had potentially discovered evidence of former signs of life on Mars. There's an awful lot in life you don't realize. That's because you don't perhaps know how to spot the signs, or don't possess the ability to see matters that go beyond explanation. It's a neat trick that's free but it's a journey that takes a while to get there. Not everyone has the patience or stomach for it.

This week I have been reflecting. That is reflecting not looking back. Huge but subtle difference and an enormous step forward in shrugging off a previous life's shackles, ones that had me tethered and unable to concentrate on what really mattered to me. My friends and family matter, not useless materialistic possessions which to me are worthless.

To be an interesting book it helps if you have a few previous pages filled with words. They may be happy and uplifting or they may contain sadness and thoughtfulness which runs deep. No matter really. They can't be erased but they can be improved upon. Everything in life can be improved, even if you think its impossible. I can't write it for you and neither can anyone else. Previously I have had people cling onto me, thinking that I can save them with my strength but I can't. I could only throw them a life jacket, the rest was down to them. Some drowned, some survived. Such is life.

So I'm reflecting now with someone I held fast to. Someone I kept above the waves and steered away from the rocks. And when we sit in contemplative silence I wonder if the next chapter of both our lives will have happy words scrawled in huge capital letters right over the page.

You can say everything and anything and it will mean nothing if you don't love your life and the people in it.


Frances said…
Dear Sally, there is lots of wisdom in what you write. Reflection is good. Curiosity and optomism make good partners, too. I am wondering what the Big News about Mars to be revealed tomorrow might be. I am also disappointed that clouds are to arrive later today in NYC, that my block out tonight's Eclipsed Full Moon. Ah...but there will be other joys today and tomorrow, eh?

Hello Sally, This is Peter Hough. You can find me on I have only just seen your blog and will look forward to reading it an catching up on what you have been doing. Bloody hell! Sally Townsend. Hello!
I loved Carcassone when I visited. I once lived in Aix en Provence many years ago. Nice to have found your blog. sheila
Had an ill day which is always a joy when there are blogs to read. Your's, as always are enlightening. ope all is well in this new phase. Living in rented ourselves for much of the time now so know your pain. We have thankfully been able to invest in a house by the sea in Wales, which gives me the joy of an escape when life gets too much and another renovation to get my teeth into. xx

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