Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Tracey Emin at Le Chateau

You think its all fragrant lavender here don't you ? a life of languishing on those steamers, shuddering delicately at the first step into the pool, constant decisions, red, white or a touch of chilled sparkling 'darling' ? a dash of Angostura bitter, a splash of cognac on top of the sugar lump to accompany it maybe ? Are you following me ?

Well just to make absolutely sure you all know I lead a perfectly normal life, uneventful even, here is a picture of an unmade bed (it's there if you look carefully) very Tracey Emin, minus all the other touches which made her an overnight sensation !

You see I have a rather large influx of visitors tomorrow so its been all hands (mine) to the pump and I'm still a few beds unmade, still a few spots to hit with the duster. My last guests have managed to jam a very ancient lock which is causing me some distress, I DID tell you who they were didn't I ? jolly well ought to have done the ********

Anyway someone kindly suggested that a bikini which features on one of my (in)famous blogs was quite possibly mine and I went off and cried and had to stop myself from offering them a free holiday at Le Chateau. So if it's not your bikini then I hear you think to whom does it belong ?

Well for heavens sake it's mine, I don't HAVE to wear it do I ? and where would you have got the impression I ever had the time !


muddyboots said...

please don't shatter my illusions as l sit in winter woolies. My herb garden is dotted with lavenders, palms & olives trying to give me an illusion of hot dry summers with cicades singing &, oh dear my day is..ruined!

Blossomcottage said...

Oh yea I don't believe you now get off that steamer and pop into the pool and have a nice cool off whilst I go and bath the dogs again, and mop the floor.
Blossom xx
p.s. I really know what hard work visitors are, I sometime wonder why I do it!!

Milkmaid said...

Never mind the unmade bed, that floor is beautiful, have fun with the duster

Suffolkmum said...

What's an unmade bed in paradise?!

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Good lord woman, that is not an ummade bed it is as you well know a bed turned back for airing as all beds should be in a properly run establishment. One really must know these things if one is to be suffieceintly au faite to keep an eye on teh servants and make sure they are functioning correctly!!

I imagine your guest had, yet again locked the bathroom dor to stop her wretched corgis drinking from the bidet as usual. Entre nous, don't you feel it would be a lot simpler if she just left a footman outside the salle de bain as she does at home or sent Phillip to walk the beasts whilst she ablutes.. Oh lord have I said too much!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Sally we are sooooo cold here today and there you are warbling on about a bikini.....enough to give one goose bumps on goosebumps.
Lovely picture

countrymousie said...

I thought for a minute you had got Tracy staying! I know how famous you are now.
I have several swimmers that are mine and used to fit!! I keep them for sentimental reasons!!The VIP's buggered up the lock then - not used to opening doors themselves I shouldnt wonder!!
Am on the Bentley Owners case for you - they seem to plan ages in advance and their french trip is already arranged for June. My contact will soon be the Chairman!!
love mousie xx

Bluestocking Mum said...

I take my hat off to you-I would never be organised enough for guests-every bed would be unmade.

Btw-I have put central heating on for an hour it is so cold and damp here!!

warm wishes

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

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Inthemud said...

That's an unmade bed?? Looks pretty made to me?

We believe you, thousands wouldn't!

Even if youre working hard bet the weathers beter than here! I'm shuddering back in winter woolies
No bikinis for me!

Pondside said...

It all looks lovely to me - more like a bed turned down than a bed unmade. But we're splitting hairs here because what is an unmade bed in heaven???

Eden said...

Kept looking for the unmade bed but only saw neatly turned back and clean white -- way too tidy for Tracey Emin, sorry, need to be a tiny bit trashier, Sally's Chateau. But I'd like it as it is, bikini to hand or not. Hope you got everything ready in time for the new arrivals.

Pondside said...

I wish I could come over and browse at a vide grenier - sounds so much more elegant than a swap meet!
Our weather is cool for this time of year. The forecast is always for 15-17C and then we end up with 12C and overcast. Everything is late this year - no lavendar here yet, just lots of green.