Vintage Louis Vuitton

We arrived at my friends house to find the hallway piled high with Louis Vuitton luggage. ‘Gosh’ I said ‘are you going on holiday’ ? Stony silence ensued. ‘Oh I ventured, rather more cautiously this time and with a note of what I fervently hoped was sincere along with a sombre face. ‘You’re splitting up then’?. I mean if you arrive at someones house and they aren’t going on holiday and there’s a stony silence then one is bound to draw an unpleasant conclusion.

‘Darling’ the friend announced. Said friend calls everyone Darling and I have wondered on more than one occasion whether she simply forgets everyone’s name or is genuinely fond of them. ‘I’m starting my life afresh, I’m sweeping away the old and bringing in the new, everything is to be sold’. We stood there in silence. As if sensing my unease she expanded on her theory of being reborn. ‘My ex husband gave them to me’ she ventured. It was on the tip of my tongue to ask if he had remarried but sense prevailed, it would have been in poor taste and we don’t do poor taste here.

‘Gin and tonic’ ? she said brightly. ‘ I wondered briefly if she had lost the plot for it was only just after midday. ‘I don’t think so’ a little voice said primly, but the little voice was in my head. ‘Good idea’ I said. Of course on the second Gin and Tonic the reason for a little early light refreshment became apparent.

‘Darling’, she smiled winningly, you wouldn’t mind popping a little picture up would you on your blogspot ? I think I might have uttered ‘you what’ rather loudly but I’m not admitting to it. I drew myself up in what I hoped was a haughty fashion. ‘I’m not a bazaar’ I sniffed.

Meanwhile His Lordship and said friends partner had lit a rather jolly little log fire and were settling down to what looked suspiciously like a session. The smell of something rather enticing was emanating from the kitchen. ‘You’ll stay for lunch Darlings’ ? was it an order or an invitation and was I being suckered into something ?

In the end I had to admit that vintage Louis Vuitton luggage was rather delicious and yes Sally’s Chateau was indeed a place for the discerning.

She leaps up excitedly clapping her hands. ‘That’s settled then Darlings’.

I didn’t stand a chance, really I didn’t.

PS. Should anyone peeking in be interested in authentic Louis Vuitton items then don't hesitate to get in touch will you ....... darlings ?


Hi Sally.

Great story, and fantastic luggage.
You can never go wrong with Louis!
I have a few pieces myself. It makes travel a little
more bearable.

Frances said…
If only I could help you out with that luggage, Sally! It is a treat to see such a collection of the Real Thing. Hereabouts, we are regularly treated to sidewalk vendors selling not quite the real thing at all, to visitors who abandon scrutiny and hand over dollars.

Shopaholic D said…
wow, what a stash! if i had the money for them, i would soooo be interested. i'm sure she'll have no problem selling those LVs.

:) D
The Chic Life
Françoise said…
Darling . . . you friend sounds straight out of Ab Fab!
Exmoorjane said…
Well, darling, I reckon you could put it to good use yourself for when you turn up on my doorstep to haul me out of my foul mood! Not sure it would all fit in the spare room (the Bonkers House not being Le Chateau, of course) but, with a few drinks to ease the way, we could try! jx
Exmoorjane said…
PS - the stash needs a price tag. Though I suppose that is too too vulgar - plus, if you have to ask I suppose you can't afford....ah well. Not really a LV fan.... James has a friend who comes to stay with his stuff in a LV hold-all. Unbelievable. I thought all boys had Animal rucksacks and that was that.
Milla said…
In the book I've just read, The Outcast, a character wonders crossly quite why she's expected to wait til half 12 for the first sherry of the day. But then that's fifties England, not elegant France. I'll pass on the luggage being one of Jane's son's friends, an Animal girl, but quite fancy the floor..
Hello Sally,

Your friend sounds a sweetie, I have a tendency to call everyone darlings, but I do with a fondness of course, thats me.!

I ADORE Louis Luggage, and I especially love the bag in the picture first on left. Seriously embarrased to know what price tag might be. I am sure they will sell, really lovely.

Sally's Chateau said…
Hi Camilla, I don't have a clue what the price tag is on any of it but if anyone is interested drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with the friends.
deborah said…
I have been searching for a "french" blog to follow - thank goodness I found you! Have chuckled over your postings and thank god for gin - it makes many things so much more tolerable!
Looking forward to your next posts.
Anonymous said…
Im sorry for my Inglés, pero soy muy interesantes en los puntos de la Louis Vuitton. Espero que se ponga en contacto conmigo. ¡Por favor!! gracias. (Raquel Seliva)
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Too funny! My son and his thespian troupe just did a piece entitled "Unclaimed Baggage" in which one of the boys played a Louis Vuitton bag. I believe he said "darlings" more than once.
Anonymous said…
how much it cost each bag. Are they real not imitation? Thank you! Tita
Sally Townsend said…
Hi everyone and thank you for the interest shown in the luggage. I'm afraid it is no longer for sale. If you appreciate the finer things in life that are genuine then please come and see us at our chambre d'hôte in Carcassonne, South West France.
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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RoJGuL said…
Are these for sale

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